June 10, 2011

Sarah Jarosz - My Muse

Sarah Jarosz is a ridiculously talented young woman.   She is twenty years old, and she just released her second album.  She has already received Grammy and other award nominations.  She plays many instruments, including the octave mandolin, which is what's shown in the above video.  I love its sound.  She's a gifted musician, singer, and songwriter.  I admire her choice to delay hitting the road as a professional musician - she is continuing to perform, and she obviously has made time to create a new album, but she is also attending the New England Conservatory here in Boston, studying contemporary improvisation.

I love her latest album, entitled Follow Me Down.  The song above is great, and if you like it, check out this one as well (Annabelle Lee).  

2010 - Telluride Bluegrass Festival w. Mumford and Sons, Jerry Douglas, and Cadillac Sky 
- photos by Erika Goldring

2010 - Newport Folk Festival - photos by Ryan Mastro


  1. Kittymac10.6.11

    Whoa! She's a combination of Sarah McLaughlin and Joni Mitchell! Awesome & beautiful!! I gotta remember to come visit your blog more often!! It's always something wonderful!! Love you!

  2. awesome! i passed it on to a bluegrass friend of mine who is learning the mandolin!


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