June 23, 2011

Handsome in Pink

It was "pink day" at preschool today, and my boy was happy to participate.  He looked so handsome in his bright pink polo that his aunt lovingly bought him for his birthday.  She got it after he had lamented the fact that there are no clothes for boys that are pink.  He really likes the color pink.  One day at school, he mentioned this to a group of friends, and one of the girls chided him, saying "Boys can't like pink....only girls like pink."  He was upset and confused by this, and then he was relieved when I assured him that she was being ridiculous.  Of course boys can like pink and purple, and girls can like blue and green and black.  There are no rules.  "Phew!", his face seemed to say, after we had this conversation. 

Just look at that smile now! 

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