March 11, 2013

Weekend Recap

A weekend:

*Bonus day!  The snowstorm canceled school on Friday, so the boys and I hung out at home, watching the snow blow in and fall all. day. long!  Almost two feet later, it finally stopped long enough for me to shovel.  The boys played and went sledding.
*Sledding!  Lots and lots of sledding.
*We got a piano.  It is not a great piano, and it needs some work, but it was free!  Aaron is so excited to learn to play, and I really hope that enthusiasm continues.
*Baseball.  Aaron had a baseball clinic, in preparation for the start of the season next month.  So cool to see tons of boys out there getting ready and having fun.
*Date night.  Well, not a kid-free date night.  All four of us went out to dinner Saturday night.  The boys were great, and we all enjoyed an awesome meal.
*Watching UNC lose to Duke.  :-(
*More sledding!
*Zucchini-chocolate chip bread.  A cold weekend at home generally means we bake something.  This is what we chose this weekend, and it is gooooood.
*Losing an hour.  Those first few days are always hard, but the boys actually woke up on their own this morning with plenty of time before school, so I think it's going to be an easy transition.  I do love the longer days!

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