March 21, 2013

Little Things...

This is what it looks like around here.  Although Spring has now officially begun, there are few signs of it showing.  There are some, but you have to look for them.  At the moment, they are buried under another foot of snow.  We are still in the browns and grays and whites of Winter.  In an effort to look beyond my drab surroundings, I thought I'd make myself a little happy list.  Here goes...

1.  I walked downstairs this morning, and Aaron came running from the kitchen into my arms to give me a good morning hug.
2.  We attended a school auction last weekend, and I bid on and won a pass to a local yoga studio.  I've gone twice so far this week, and oh my does it feel good.
3.  I have a pan of our favorite brownies on my stove.  (It's a good thing I've been exercising.)
4.  Great new music has been released recently - Josh Ritter, Caitlin Rose, and Tift Merritt/Simone Dinnerstein are in heavy rotation.
5.  The taxes are done, payments made, refunds received - all before the end of March!  That's a record I'm sure.
6.  I've tried several new recipes the last couple weeks, and I've had some successes.  I love watching the boys eat healthy food, and I love adding some variety to our menu.
7.  Our new living room lamp is big and orange and beautiful.  It makes me happy every time I walk through the room.
8.  I just finished Steve Martin's autobiography.  Beautiful.
9.  I just started Barbara Kingsolver's latest, and I'm loving it so far too.
10.  My birthday is next week.  Getting older is fascinating.
11.  I booked myself for a pedicure on my birthday.  Can't wait for those happy toes!
12.  Mad Men is coming back soon!
13.  Every day after preschool, Nathan has been asking me to read superhero stories to him.  He snuggles right up next to me as we read.
14.  We had another donations pickup last week, and the house feels lighter.
15.  I made plans for us to go visit friends next month.  I love the anticipation - I can't wait to see them!
16.  Our neighbors asked us if we wanted to go to a concert with them next week.  Live music, a night out, and hanging with friends?  Yes please.
17.  I found the chords to a song I've long wanted to play on the guitar.  They aren't quite right, so I'm tinkering and figuring out what works.  I sing and play, and I love the process.
18.  March Madness!  The college basketball tournament starts today.
19.  The birthday party tour continues this weekend.  We will be splitting up so the boys can both attend parties.  Nathan is already planning his own party in July - can you guess the theme?
20.  Quiet mornings.  They don't last long, and I'm often scurrying around trying to get things done, but I love every second of them.

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  1. yay for yoga!

    I downloaded a new cd that I thought you might like. Maybe you've heard of it? It's called Broken Hearts and Dirty Windows: Songs of John Prine. It's by various artists including The Avett Brothers, Old Crow Medicine Show & Josh Ritter. There are a couple of songs on there that I don't care for, but for the most part it's really good.

    Happy early birthday, I hope you have more than just happy toes. :]


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