December 11, 2012

An Early Christmas Present...

Kevin and I are working on filling the empty living room.  It has a built-in cabinet, which used to contain the TV.  When discussing how we should use that cabinet now that the room will no longer have a TV, I threw out the suggestion of getting a record player.  I thought it could be kind of fun to be able to play music in that room, and I'd love to be able to collect some of our favorite music on vinyl to be able to pass down to our kids.  As it turns out, record players can be very inexpensive, so we picked up a simple Sony player and got it set up this weekend.  We ventured into a local record store and had fun browsing through the stacks.  They have a big set of shelves where the records are $1 each!  Some of the newer or more popular items are more than that, but still.  I picked up three - Stevie Wonder, Carole King, and Joni Mitchell.  The boys put on blanket "dresses" and danced around the room to 'Isn't She Lovely?'.  A very nice start to our new collection.


  1. I LOVE Stevie Wonder, love him!!! A record player is a lovely thing isn't's a strange thing to think that our children have hardly seen cassettes, let alone vinyl!!

    Enjoy :) XX

  2. Oh my, there is nothing better than vinyl. I've been buying some of my favorite (new) music on vinyl, because it just seems so much more special to listen to that way.


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