January 24, 2011

Weekend Recap and Random Thoughts

We saw Black Swan on Saturday night, and all I can say is holy crap.  Natalie deserves every award coming to her. 

The rest of the weekend wasn't too exciting, but it was a perfectly fine weekend at home.  Playing with the boys and getting things done.  There was a spot on my bedroom wall that was painted the wrong color, and I'm so excited to say that it is all the same color now!  More organizing projects, and a couple shopping errands...these are the thrilling activities that filled our weekend.  But it was good.  Actually, balancing the fun with the necessary often makes the best weekend. 

It is cold here.  I mean bone-chilling cold.  The type of cold that hurts the instant you walk outside.  It was 0 degrees on the way to work this morning.  Yes that's right....0.  And there's supposedly more snow headed our way tomorrow.  So while I look like the above picture, all bundled up with a warm drink, I will dream of a scene like this one...
That is exactly why I was inspired to buy her desk calendar this year.  The sea is always inspiring, even in the middle of winter. 

My husband told someone about my blog, and their response was that I needed to get a hobby.  Hmph.  I won't deny that there are times that I question why I keep this little site going, but most of the time I am confident that it brightens my outlook.  There's certainly nothing wrong with that.


  1. Hello...like the new look - very simple and elegant. So on your round-up - Black Swan I have not yet gathered the courage to see. I Must Try! I suspect it will be worth it, despite the scary horror/supernatural side to it.
    On the comment about getting a hobby - hmm that makes me cross! I am cross for you! What is it with blogging that people don't get? I had a similar experience recently with a friend who saw my blog and declared that she just didn't get it as if it was so strange quirk that I had developed. I spend alot of time thinking about what it is and why I do it, as you know. One of the people who captures it best is Tania from 'Backwards in High Heels' - I love her blog, it is completely erudite and she is a proper writer and even she blogs! I say go forth and blog. Who cares what anyone thinks! Lou xx

  2. EXACTLY!!! A hobby? blogging IS a hobby if you ask me. It's a hobby, it's therapy, it's a way to be validated, it's a great place to share,get some help with a problem, ask for advice, and to spread your beautiful pictures. I THANK you for blogging, Mary!

  3. Wasn't it a crazy movie, she really did look like a ballerina though.

  4. I love your blog, you do a wonderful job and have a lovely style :)

    I saw "Black Swan" last night.....and had a sleepless night....EEEP!!! An incredible film, she was amazing....but quite terrifying at times, I had chills!!

    Have a lovely day :)

  5. hmph is right! blogging IS a hobby! a big yuck to that comment, but yay to your good weekend. xoxo


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