January 27, 2011


Can I be honest with you?  I've been cranky this week.  I can't think of a specific cause I can blame.  Perhaps the Winter is catching up to me, although I honestly don't think that's it.  Truth be told, I've actually enjoyed all these snowstorms.  Shoveling is a good excuse to get outside, and it's good exercise - my arms always feel strong after some time with a shovel.  The boys have fun in the snow.  I am fortunate enough to be able to work from home when necessary, so I've been able to eliminate that dreaded commute.  And the trees look so peaceful and contemplative all covered in snow.  So I don't think it's Winter.  I just got caught with an attitude of not wanting to do anything I had to do.

This lack of motivation then extended into a lack of patience with my boys.  The morning routine got me down, the evening routine got me down.  How many times can I say "please put your shoes on" or "don't throw your food" without screaming?  Some days - most days, in fact - I am very good at being patient with them, but not this week for some reason.

One thing that always helps my mood is having plans to look forward to.  We have lots of plans for this year - long weekends and big trips - but nothing is booked yet.  I am sure my mood will improve once some of these plans are solidified.  Uncertainty bugs me.

The other night, I was reading a bedtime story to my big boy.  It was a book about moods, and at the end of the book, there is a big face where you get to choose the eyes and mouth to reflect your mood of that day.  He asked me how I felt that day, and I said "cranky".  He started to put on the cranky mouth, and then he said, "Well Mom, but that's not good!  Here, I'm making you silly, okay?"  If only it were always that easy...


  1. i'm not my best self today either. i can't put my finger on why. xo

  2. I get that way every once in a while too! it is never fun. you'll snap of it soon ... especially with the help of your boy drawing silly faces. how cute!

  3. I have been feeling the SAME way! too long of a winter. we need to get outside and have some spring and some of those pretty blue flowers you posted!!!!!

  4. reading this makes me feel a lot better about my mood lately. so, it's not just me! I think the gray winter is getting to me a bit, and I think it's also me trying to handle everything and sometimes feeling like it's all just going to fall apart. I love that little reminder from your boy, though, to make a silly face instead. I'm going to try to remember that next time I find myself feeling cranky. (or worse, when my kids notice that I'm cranky -- because I don't want them to think of me that way!)

    xo, Kristin

    PS -- thanks for your super kind comment yesterday. I don't think I'll be gone for good, but a nice long break might be just what I need to refresh and reenergize. I'll be following Mary Loves, so we'll keep in touch!


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