November 1, 2010

Weekend Recap - Halloween Edition

Another productive weekend.  We raked the yard, yet again, and got it into pretty good shape in preparation for Kevin being out of town the next couple weekends.  (Booooo...)  Kevin fixed a couple gates that had been in need of repair for a while.  We ran some errands and got the boys haircuts.  The little guy got his first cut, and although he looked pretty pitiful and came close to crying, he never did.  My brave handsome boy.  We all went out to lunch, which was fun.  Kevin and I commented that it's getting easier.  Not easy yet, but easier.  I can see the day when we can head into a restaurant, skip the highchairs, and have an actual conversation as a family.  It's not too far away. 

Sunday morning, I made everyone clean themselves up a bit so we could try to take family pictures.  Our neighbor came over and did her best to capture our smiling faces.  Three out of four isn't bad.  For those of you that receive our holiday card, please know that the little guy is a smiley little dude all the time - except when someone's pointing a camera at him.  How good do I feel for getting our holiday cards ordered already?!?  Oh I am so on the ball this year! 

Halloween is fun with little kids.  I've never really been huge into Halloween - I hate the pressure of coming up with creative costumes.  That said, I did adore it when I was little.  My favorite costume was a ballerina outfit that I would've been perfectly happy to wear every day.  It was blue with multi-colored sequins.  I wore it a couple years in a row, until I absolutely could not wear it any longer.  We lived in New York at the time, and one year it was so cold that I had to wear a heavy winter coat on over it, and I distinctly remember how pissed I was at having to keep it covered up.  Funny the things we hold on to from our childhood. 

I hope the big boy remembers this Halloween.  He made a dashing cowboy.  The best part of the outfit was the pair of boots.  They were adorable, brown with Woody and Buzz Lightyear, and they lit up when he walked.  He loved strutting his stuff in those boots, and every single house we visited commented on them.  He proudly stomped his feet to show them off. 

We had an extra hat and bandana, so the little guy joined in the fun for a bit...

He was so excited to get home and count his loot.  He was also perfectly satisfied to stop at two pieces of candy, and he shared with us too!  He was even a little bummed that the little guy couldn't have some.

One mini bag of M&Ms and one Reese's Peanut Butter Cup, and he was literally bouncing off the sugar high...


  1. They both look so cute! Kisses my dear

  2. i love the shot of the brothers on the stoop. so classic, so sweet...adorable.

  3. how cute are your cowboys, mary?! totally adorable.

  4. Cute cute pictures Mary. I loved the answers you gave on my blog! Seems we are kindred spirits - but then we knew that anyway! Lou x

  5. SO SO cute!! awh, they are adorable! x


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