November 8, 2010

Things I Love...

...about my little sister.

I wrote this over a week ago and meant to post it on her birthday.  Whoops.  At least I remembered to call.  So for apparently no reason, here are some of the things I love about my little sister.

- She's weird.  Unique.  Silly.  Random.  And she's always embraced this part of herself.
- She keeps alive silly things we did or said when we were little.  Inside jokes such as "lovely, thank you". 
- She has an amazing memory.  She can remember specific scenes from our childhood with such clarity that she can cite what everyone was wearing. 
- She rearranges her rooms all the time.  And when she enters a room in your house, you must know she is thinking about how she would rearrange it.  It's best just to give in and let her have her way.  She is usually right.
- She is a glass always-full person and rarely seems down about anything. 
- She has a great group of friends, including some she's had since elementary school.
- We like a lot of the same music, and she likes finding and sharing new music with me. 
- We both play the guitar a little, and she shares easy guitar music with me.
- She has a ridiculously cute little girl and a great husband who fit into the family immediately.
- She is always working, and she's still in school (on her way to a PhD).  I am not sure she knows what life is like with just a single, normal job. 
- She has gorgeous, thick, blonde hair.
- She is an environmentalist and activist and vegetarian, but she is not judgmental about those who aren't these things.
- She has become a good gardener, knowing the names of all the plants and flowers in her yard.
- This list, of course, could go on and on and on...


  1. Ohh that is such a sweet post and I love that quote
    Kisses my dear
    Happy Monday

  2. This is a really lovely post - it's true that siblings keep memories of your shared past alive. So sweet for you to list these things. Lou x

  3. That is such a sweet post! So thoughtful!

  4. That was such a sweet and thoughtful post! Very nice!

  5. I love this's truly the sweetest thing I've read in a really long time!

    I lost my little sister just over a year ago suddenly and this is something she would have totally enjoyed.

    Thanks for sharing!


  6. awww, what a lovely tribute to your sister. :)

  7. This post made me smile! she sounds like a very sweet sist

  8. Maru, That was so sweet! What a nice treat when I was just trying to procrastinate writing this midterm :) You are right, I have no idea what just having a job is like-but I am ready to find out! The best part about your post is the rearranging compliment. In fact, I just-this morning- proposed to my office mate how she needs to rearrange her furniture. And she's game-woo hoo! Can't wait.
    Weirdness is only truly appreciated by the fellow weirdos. Love you,


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