November 18, 2010

Pins of the Week

Here are a few things I've spotted and loved this week (clockwise from top left):

*Neck - My sister told me the other night that I should wear more clothes that display my neck and collarbone, even shoulders.  I guess I tend to go for the warmer options - living in Boston, you can hardly blame me - but I'll keep this in mind the next time I'm on the lookout for something new.
*Brilliant and Amazing - Isn't this awesome?  There's nothing wrong with having confidence.  
*Slippers - How cute are these?  Slippers are on my wish list, and although these are definitely more expensive than your typical slippers, I'd wear them every day!  
*Holiday Lights - I'm starting to see them, and I can't wait for the houses, stores, and street explode with light over the coming weeks.  The boys get so excited by them too.  I know I've asked this before, but are you a white lights or colored lights person?  I prefer colored lights, but my husband loves white.  To date, we've had to compromise by alternating years.  This year is supposed to be a white lights year, but my almost 4-year-old has informed him that we'll be having colored lights.  "I know you like white lights Daddy, but we're having colored lights."  I didn't even put him up to it!

These are just a few of the photos I've recently pinned on my pinboards at Pinterest Mary Loves


  1. I think one of my beautiful things is going to be your blog! GREAT pics!

  2. yes on the neck thing!

  3. Anonymous19.11.10

    Colored lights, absolutely!!!
    Grew up with them and will always have them.
    Aunt Elinor


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