May 12, 2009

My Sweet Boy

*This is from a different night, but you can't capture everything on film. This is from a night that Aaron wanted to help get dinner ready, and he ate a ton that night!

After dinner, as I'm unbuckling Aaron from his booster seat...
Aaron: "Why are you sad, Mommy?"
Me: "You didn't eat very much dinner, Sweetie. I don't like it when you don't eat."

Aaron puts his hand on my cheek and then reaches over to grab his fork off the table, and he puts one more bite into his mouth. He eats it, and then says...

Aaron: "Be happy, Mommy."
Oh my goodness I love this kid!
Another dinner-related exchange....this one is from last night.
Aaron and I are both a little under the weather. When I picked him up from day care, he hugged me and said, "Let's go home, Mommy, and let's have some tea." (Reminder: He's 2!) Later, at home...
Me: "Sweetie, what would you like to have for dinner?" I was expecting a response such as "pretzels and whipped cream", and I was fully prepared to give him whatever he wanted.
Aaron: "Um......(15 seconds of serious deliberation).....soup. and grilled cheese. please."
Me: Stunned. "Okay, hon, you got it."
Later, after our soup (vegetable even!) and grilled cheese...
Me: "What else would you like to eat?"
Aaron: "Can I have some berries, please?"
Me: "I love you. You're fabulous. And yes, of course you can have some berries."


  1. Oh my God! Too cute for words! I am all misty! Definitely put those in the mason jar or whatever you decide to use!

  2. Anonymous15.5.09

    How did you give birth to a kid who doesn't like to eat a lot? Will he ever pass on the tradition of "I am never eating again!?"

  3. He must take after his father. :-)


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