May 19, 2009

This Week's Organizing - Dresser Drawers

*Image from Apartment Therapy - my sock drawer is in decent shape now, but I will never fold socks!
Organizing, like cleaning, is just one of those activities that is never "done". But I don't spend enough time doing it. I go through moods and phases of organizing, but I'd like to make it more of a habit. I know people who designate time every week to organize some part of their house and others who partner up with friends to tackle projects on a regular basis. Well, I do the best I can, but I haven't been able to make it a regular activity.
I wrote this list of organizing projects that I would like to tackle in the next several months in an effort to motivate me. So far, it has worked. I've already done several. Actually, the day after I wrote that post, I decided that there really should be nothing stopping me from going through my sock/underwear drawers. So I did. I emptied everything out; matched up singles; got rid of all "holies", singles, and unwanteds; and put everything back in its place. It took about 20 minutes, and my drawers are so much cleaner and more accessible now!
The other key to maintaining an organized dresser - in my opinion anyway - is doing the seasonal clothes switch. I also did this recently - packed away all my sweaters and wool pants and brought out all the shorts and tees. I not only achieved a cleaner closet and dresser, but I also filled two bags to donate!
Apartment Therapy has a good post about organizing your dresser if you're interested in tackling this one yourself.

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