May 26, 2009

Five Senses Weekend - Memorial Day edition

*Picture taken during a walk to a nearby children's garden. This giant red rocking chair is a highlight.


- Good friends that I haven't seen in years
- Newly-blooming pink rhododendrons in our yard
- Golf-ball sized hail, in the middle of an otherwise gorgeous day

- My squirming belly. The little dude has been getting the hiccups a lot lately.
- Aaron's tow truck, monster truck, and garbage truck - we roll them back and forth across the living room floor. He's going to be disappointed when we finish the room and get a new rug.

- Kevin's quote of the weekend: "I feel like I should just keep eating the pulled pork, because really, how often do you get pulled pork, ya know?"
- Aaron, squealing and shrieking as he chases after bubbles

- Sweet basil seedlings, now planted in my herb barrel. Yum!
- Fresh cut grass. LOVE that smell! I also love being able to open up all the windows to let that fresh air in.

- Strawberry shortcake, lemonade, grilled chicken and pesto sandwiches, watermelon, blueberry pancakes...lots of tastes of summer!


  1. Sounds like a perfect weekend! Love how you put it together for us!

  2. Anonymous26.5.09

    Mac just saw this photo and said, "Wow, Mary's shrunk!" Hee hee...thought you'd like that!


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