January 28, 2009


Don't you just love a store with great customer service? Those companies that do the right thing, that have policies that make you want to stay a loyal customer? I remember the first time my sister returned a pair of worn sneakers to Nike, and she was so pleased to discover that they exchanged them without a problem. She has remained a loyal customer. I like how Banana Republic will give you the difference in price if an item you buy later goes on sale. The free shipping/free returns at Piperlime and Boden has me hooked.

My current story of good customer service is Patagonia. My husband recently returned a kayaking jacket he purchased from them at least 10 years ago. It was well worn and the material was coming apart, but he knew it had a lifetime warranty, so he returned it to see what they'd give him for it. They very promptly gave him a credit of the full cost to buy a replacement coat - $260! Now, my husband hasn't been kayaking very much lately and didn't really want a replacement, but he could use the credit for anything. Lucky for me, he let me use it! He knew I have been wanting a puffy coat just like this for years:

*Image from Patagonia

It arrived today, and I can't believe how long I waited. It is fabulous and so warm and so comfy.
Patagonia is definitely on my nice list.


  1. LOVE that coat. LOVE having you back. LOVE the photo of the handsome new boy....YIPEE. xo

  2. Anonymous28.1.09

    OH, that's a pretty pretty puffy coat! What perfect timing for you to get something WARM and pretty. What a great story! Bet it looks so nice on you.

  3. Anonymous28.1.09

    I love hearing stories like this. This really is pretty amazing customer service!


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