January 1, 2009

New Family Tradition?

Happy New Year!

For several years when I was young, my family had a tradition of eating chocolate chip pancakes on Christmas morning. (After opening presents, of course. People who can wait until after breakfast to open presents amaze me.) Anyway, we had fun making silly faces out of the chocolate chips, whipped cream, maybe some fruit like bananas...and I loved this tradition while it lasted. At some point, we realized that having a big breakfast ruined our appetites for all the other yummy food we wanted to eat on Christmas day, so the tradition stopped.

I think I'd like to resurrect it, though, with a small update: New Year's Day instead of Christmas. We had chocolate chip pancakes - complete with whipped cream and sprinkles - this morning, and it was divine. Of course the little boy loved it, and I must say, I loved it too. So perhaps this is the re-start of a family tradition.

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