October 24, 2011

Weekend Recap and Goals

It was a good weekend.  Of course, all weekends are good, aren't they?  Even if all they do is offer us a reprieve from the midweek routines.  We kept this one pretty low-key, which we almost always do.  We all attended a birthday party on Saturday morning, which left the kids sweaty and all hopped up on sugar.   On Sunday, we headed to Cambridge to hang out by the river to watch the Head of the Charles regatta.  We go every year, and it's a fun excuse to go into the city and play outside.  It's a good time, especially when the weather cooperates.  Some other highlights:

*My big boy and I baked this apple spice cake.  Wow it made the house smell good.  I love gingerbread, and this was a very moist version of gingerbread with apple. 
*We watched Pearl Jam Twenty on Saturday night.  As expected, it was great.  I found it fascinating to watch how the band has evolved, and it really made me want to learn more about how my other favorite bands create their music. 
*I am loving these dark mornings, on the weekends at least.  The boys let us sleep until almost 8AM both days.  Ahhhh...  The weeks are harder, but I'll take this for a little while longer. 
*I spent a couple hours working in the yard, planting bulbs and raking.  It was made even more satisfying by having my almost 5-year-old helper beside me. 

Goals for the week:
1.  No more ice cream.  I'm giving it up until Spring.  Keep me honest, will you?
2.  Set up the big boy bed.  It wasn't delivered last week, so let's try again.
3.  Enjoy next week's Halloween Ball, costume and all.  Fingers crossed that it comes together.
4.  Meet with another contracter and line up a couple more.
5.  Smile!

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