October 3, 2011

Weekend Recap and Goals

Another weirdly humid weekend.  Where is the beautiful crisp cool autumn weather?  Ah well.  It'll be cold before we know it, I suppose.  We had another nice, relaxing weekend.  One where I managed to get a few things done around the house.  I love those. 

A few highlights...
*A trip to the farm, returning with a bag of Jonagold apples.  My favorite.  We are all eating lots of apples lately, and I haven't even been motivated to bake a pie yet. 
*I roasted a chicken on Sunday, and the house smelled like a holiday.  Warm, inviting, and delicious.
*The dark mornings are tough during the week, but I do appreciate them on the weekend.  We are all sleeping just a little later than usual these days. 
*Hanging out at the library.  Watching the fish in the tank, playing at the train table and the big castle, and picking out new books to bring home.  Does everybody love their local library as much as I do? 
*Watching my big boy finger paint.  He made a big mess, which is what it's all about, right?  He also created some fabulous paintings.  I need to get some frames.

Goals for this week:
1.  Organize another closet.  I did my office closet last week, and it felt so good.  I need to keep it going. 
2.  Go to bed earlier.  I keep adding this as a goal and failing miserably at it.  I got decent sleep over the weekend, and I'm still pooped.  I need more.
3.  Call a friend.  I hate talking on the phone, but I want to keep in touch. 
4.  Buy concert tickets for our next date night.  Yay!
5.  Slow down.

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