October 21, 2011


I love having a blog.  I was never able to keep a journal - I tried many times over the years.  Somehow, though, I've been able to keep this little blog going for a few years now.  It took some time for it to evolve, and it's still evolving I suppose, but I love it.  After dumping a bit yesterday, I'm able to let those thoughts go (not entirely - I mean it's not magic or anything) and move on.  Today, the world seems a bit brighter.  The sun is shining, my son is feeling better, I have already done an hour of yoga and accomplished a lot of work, and it's Friday!  So these good feelings will continue.  Have a great weekend!

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  1. me too!!! me too! its therapy/creative outlet/journal/venting/social network/reflection all in one place. love haing one and love that you have one. keep it up. xo


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