October 12, 2011

Inspiring Friends, Mums, and Dress Rehearsal

1.  I have some amazing and inspiring friends.  I got to watch from afar to see my friend Sara achieve her goal of qualifying for the Boston Marathon.  This post literally brought tears to my eyes.  Awesome.  Now I get to look forward to cheering her on in Boston!

2.  Mums.  It seems that the front of every house - my own included - has mums and pumpkins on display.  More red, orange, yellow, and purple to add to the gorgeous fall landscape.  

3.  The boys' halloween costumes arrived last night.  It sent both of them squealing and chasing each other around the house.  


  1. We're going to pick out E's costume this weekend. I'm so excited. Congrats to your friend on qualifying for the marathon! That's tough work.

  2. thanks hollie! thanks mwaz for the love and the shout out! i will see you and your gorgeous boys in APRIL! I'M SO EXCITED!!!! CAN YOU TELL??!?! MAYBE A FEW MORE EXCLAMATION POINTS WILL HELP??? !!!!!!

  3. i lovelovelove that fall poster. so simple and beautiful :)


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