February 2, 2016

A Few Things...

Love Bill Nye.

A few interesting reads for this week...

This fake movie trailer is hilariously perfect.

I very much enjoyed this interview with Lucy Kalanithi in the NY Times. "When Breath Becomes Air" is next up on my to-read stack.

UN Urges Global Move to Meat and Dairy-Free Diet. Interesting to think of the global view. I already eat very little meat, but it would be extremely difficult for me to do without cheese.

Speaking of vegetables, I want to make this stew.

America Dumbs Down. This article makes me sad.

White Privilege is Not Something to Feel Guilty About. Here's What It Does Mean. Important information to know and understand.

How Rich Parents Can Exacerbate School Inequality. Our town falls somewhere in the middle of the extremes discussed here, but it's something that has been on my mind for a long time. I wish there was an easier way for us to support schools in lower-income areas.

An interesting perspective. Makes you think about the things you really want and what you're willing to do to get them.

Newport has started their lineup announcements!  Every week or so between now and July, I get to receive a little jolt of excitement from the good people of the Newport Folk Festival. Lucky me!

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