January 9, 2013

I Resolve To...

In general, I don't do a list of resolutions every year anymore.  I found they always looked the same.  More exercise, less TV.  More vegetables, less pessimism.  More books, more water, more letters to friends...

I decided instead to find one thing to focus on during the year.  Last year, my resolution was More Music.  Specifically, it meant picking up my guitar every day.  Well,  I did great the first half of the year, but once demolition started and there were workers at my house every day, the time with my guitar decreased.  I will pick it back up, though.  And we did manage to attend quite a few music concerts last year, which always makes me happy.  Music is something I love and will always strive to have in my life.  I'm also hoping a used piano finds its way into my life at some point in the near future.  

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This year, I'm going to make this my motto:  Be Present.  I used to be a mom who also worked in an office - I'm convinced there's nobody better at multi-tasking and organizing a week better than a working mother.  I was always focused on multiple things because I had to.  This year, both because I'm not working and also because my boys aren't babies anymore, I've been given a gift of being able to focus my attention on one thing at a time.  

I'll be honest - this is not an easy transition to make.  I still often find myself scattered.  I'm getting better, though, and I'm resolved to become an expert at really being wherever I am.  When I'm at the playground with the boys, I will be with them, playing or watching.  I will put down my phone and only check it when it rings (if I must).  I will tackle one item on my list at a time, doing it well and to completion.  I will look around and take in my surroundings.  I will immerse myself in beauty.  I will be there for my family and friends.  I will appreciate every second of my life.  


  1. Poetic, moving, soothing.

  2. i love the goal of being more present. And music....it just makes me feel better!! :)

  3. Sounds like a wonderful non-resolution :) I can't help but think that I need to make an effort to do the same ... there are so many distractions these days, and D and I seem glued to our iPhones or laptops most of the time! I think it is important to take a step back from those things and really just absorb the moments because after all, they are what matters most.

  4. Hello...thank you for your wonderful comment. You speak such sense; I am so pleased we are friends. :-) L x

  5. I am very bad at being present in the moment - its something I must really work on and I'm thankful for your reminder.


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