April 2, 2009

Squirming Baby, Hot Showers, and Messy Hair

*I guess I better get used to pictures like this!

This week's Three Beautiful Things:

1. During meetings at work, I look down at my belly and watch my new little man squirm around. It's a great distraction. He especially loves it when I drink juice or eat chocolate. Right now, I think he's enjoying the cream cheese frosting from the piece of carrot cake I just ate.

2. I've been standing in the shower a little longer these days. The hot water and pressure on my neck just feels so good.

3. Aaron has two swirls on the back of his head, so his hair is never going to lie down flat. I'm sure there will be times when this may annoy me - school picture day perhaps - but so far, I adore it. I love the crazy bit of hair that always sticks up in the back.

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