April 14, 2009

Jelly Beans, Blueberry Pie, and Naptime

*He shared his jelly beans with me!

Easter's Three Beautiful Things:

1. A was very excited that the Easter Bunny left him a basket. I was very glad that we waited until after breakfast to search for it. He still ate all his jelly beans in a single sitting, but at least he shared with Mom and Dad. He even saved half of his chocolate bunny for later - and hasn't remembered yet that he still has it!

2. Although we didn't have any guests, K still wanted a full Easter dinner. So I cooked, and my boys enjoyed their ham and kielbasa and mashed potatoes and crescent rolls (and a little bit of broccoli). Oh, and I love holidays for giving me the excuse to splurge a little - I also bought a blueberry pie and ice cream. Mmmmmmm...

3. K and I usually take advantage of naptime by getting things done around the house. On Sunday, however, we took advantage of naptime by sitting on the couch watching a movie together.
*Chocolate on his chin and a mouthful of jelly beans....life is good.

*His favorite Easter basket item - aside from the candy - was a little hot wheels race car. I couldn't capture it in a photo, though, because he moves too fast when he's playing with it!


  1. What fun pics and a fun post! Aaron looks so happy and super cute and Mary is Supermom taking care of her boys. Glad you got the pie and ice cream!

  2. i love him. i love his jammies. good call on the ice cream.

  3. I know I love excuses to splurge!!! So sweet that he would share...I love it when they want to share and feed you (although sometimes I wear it) :-)

    Sunday afternoons are the best to sit on the couch and watch a movie. I must admit that D and I do that more often than we should (project are piling up around here).


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