April 21, 2009

Five Senses Weekend - NY Edition

*Me and my boy. (I'll have to start referring to him as my "big boy" pretty soon.) We had a fabulous time at the Bronx Zoo. Some pretty peacocks and nyalas in the background.

We had such a fabulous weekend. We went down to NY to visit some very good friends. We don't see them often enough, but we always have a blast every time we get together. Thank you, Matt and Ali! Aaron wants to know when we can go back - I think he had fun. :-)

- Sea lions, giraffes, a grizzly bear... lots of cool animals at the Bronx Zoo. It was Aaron's first visit to a zoo, and he enjoyed himself immensely. He is still talking about the peacocks and giraffes.
- Trucks! Thank goodness for the number of trucks on the highway. They provided nice entertainment for the boy during the long car ride. (His favorite: blue trucks and garbage trucks. Mommy's favorite: car transports.)
- Aaron announcing, "It's not ready yet!" as he "cooked" his croissant in the toy microwave.
- Lots and lots of giggling.
- Grass on my feet as we ran around the yard kicking a ball. I love that first day when you can be outside with bare feet.
- Daffodils. They are everywhere now.
- Dinner cooking on the grill. What a great summertime smell.
- Drinking non-alcoholic beer is kind of like substituting cardboard for cookies, but it was still nice and refreshing on a warm and sunny afternoon.
- We had a Carvel ice cream cake to celebrate two birthdays. I was a little afraid the kids were literally going to explode with excitement when they learned they'd be having cake after dinner, but they survived.

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