January 30, 2012

Weekend Recap

photo of the Ladies of Downton Abbey by Jason Bell for British Vogue

It was a small and quiet winter weekend.  Nothing wrong with that.  Here are the highlights:

*A visit to the mall on Saturday afternoon.  I don't typically do malls, but both pairs of my jeans developed knee-holes in the same week.  I went by myself so I could walk straight to the Lucky store.  I walked out with three new pairs and hopefully won't have to return to the mall again for a very long time.  (I do hate shopping, but I will admit that the afternoon alone-time was quite nice.)
*I am caught up on Downton Abbey.  Yes, it is as good as everyone says.
*The usual Saturday morning library visit, playing games, and spending time outside. 
*We watched the movie 50/50.  It is wonderful.  It is an emotional ride, as you'd expect given the premise, but one that is totally worth taking. 
*I got to spend Sunday with Nathan, my little guy, and Kevin took Aaron skiing.  I had a very nice day at home, cleaning and baking and playing; and they had a great time skiing together for the first time. 

Goals for the week:
1.  Stretch every morning.
2.  Reinstitute the "10 minutes of relaxation after the boys go to bed" rule.  I miss them and I need them.
3.  Call my sister.  Email my cousin.  Confirm the timing of our trip to Wilmington.  I shouldn't lament my long-distance family if I'm not doing my part to keep in touch.
4.  Patience.
5.  Buy some decent ski gloves.  Mine are pitiful, and it's going to be cold in Vermont this weekend!  (Did I mention I'm going to Vermont this weekend?  Yay!)

Below is a little peek at yesterday's skiing.  Only for aunts and grandmothers and other interested parties.  Try not to notice the brown grass in the background - the lack of snow is still a little depressing, but at least they can make it for us on the mountain.  Aaron is doing great.  He is a serious and methodical and careful skier, which I love.


  1. I'm still behind on Downton Abbey. I started watching it a few weekends ago, when I was in Oklahoma, and I haven't had a chance since.

    Also, your little guy is pretty good on the skis!

  2. Hello hello! So - Downton Abbey...we were given the box set for Christmas as I have to admit, we haven't watched it!! Eeek!! Cute ski video...I love how little ones that their hands all splayed out to balance - it's the same with our son. We go skiing soon and I can't wait! It is the best family holiday. You're so lucky to have local slopes and snow. I have skied in Vermont once - we drove from Boston to Killington. I remember it being BITTERLY cold - especially on the lifts. But we did go to this cool restaurant that served drinks in jam jars - that always stayed with me! Have a good week Mary, Lou x

  3. Sounds like a perfect weekend all round. Love the skiing clip - so cute :) Confess I'm addicted to Downtown Abbey in a major way - it is so good, and has such great frocks! Have a great week, Annie x


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