January 11, 2012

Holiday Cards, Skiing, and Beating Smart People

1.  The stack of Holiday cards in a bowl on my dining room buffet.  I don't want to put them away just yet.  I look at it and think of far-away family and friends.  It's like a little bowl of love, and it reminds me to send notes in the mail more often.

2.  Skiing!  I am so excited to get back on the mountain.  I don't think I realized how much I missed it until I got to do it again.  Now that my oldest son is learning, I'm excited for us all to get to the slopes more often.  Now if only it would snow!

3.  Beating my mom at Scrabble and my oldest brother at Words With Friends.  These are two of the best puzzlemasters I know, so I feel pretty proud.  (It didn't last long, but I enjoyed it while it lasted.)

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