January 19, 2012

Battling Grumpiness...

Is this week really a short one?  It sure doesn't feel like it.  In general, I've been liking January's vibe this year.  The optimism that comes with the start of the new year has kept its momentum.  On the weekends, that is.  My weekdays are still filled with more stress and grumpiness than I'd care to admit.  This week has more stress, but I'm battling the grumpiness with all I've got.  I've been exercising, drinking more water, dancing with my boys, making plans, and playing guitar.  I must say...it's working.

I've also continued to seek and find lots of inspiration in my blog reader, and I thought I'd share a few posts I've enjoyed reading recently...

You really have to check out the latest home tour on Stephmodo.  It's fabulous.

I love the way this girl writes.  This post is a great one.   

The Alabama Shakes' debut album arrives in April.  Listening to them makes me smile.  I love watching and listening to people who so obviously love making music.

A beautiful letter written by Ansel Adams to his best friend.

Another guest post is up over at Lou, Boos, and Shoes.  This time by the wonderful Tania Kindersley, whose own blog, 'Backwards in High Heels', is another of my favorites.  

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