January 10, 2012

Meyer Lemon Bars

photo by Stephanie at Stephmodo

Oh!  I almost forgot about dessert! 

I picked up a box of Meyer lemons at Costco, mostly because they were so pretty and smelled good. I wasn't really sure what I planned to do with them. Then Stephanie at Stephmodo posted about lemon bars.  I love the inspiration I receive from the blogs I follow, and Stephmodo is definitely a great source of all kinds of inspiration!

I made these on Saturday, and they didn't last long.  They are delicious!  Mine didn't turn out quite as pretty as Stephanie's - I'll have to ask her secret, or perhaps it's just her excellent photography skills - but they tasted awesome.  My husband and I kept hitting the pan for more. 

Thankfully, my new year's resolutions do not include a diet of any sort, and I still have quite a few lemons left, so I might be making these again this weekend!


  1. I made meyer lemon bars on Sunday... my husband also keeps heading back for more :)

    But I think I want to make them with regular lemons as I have decided that I like my lemon bars with a touch more tart - in your face lemon flavor.

  2. Tara - I totally get that. I love the tart lemon flavor too, and I actually increased the lemon juice/zest and decreased the sugar a bit when I made mine.

  3. These look delicious! I made a lemon tart before Christmas and it turned out ok. I might try these as I love baking with lemons:)

  4. yum! i love-love-love lemon bars. :)

  5. These look divine, you can't beat meyer lemons!


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