January 20, 2012

Now That's More Like It...

It finally looks like Winter.  We're supposed to get a couple more inches tonight, too.  Funny how the lack of snow this year has made me long for it.  I know I will be ready for warmer weather in a couple months, but I really do appreciate the seasons.  Winter is beautiful - the colors of brown, white, gray, and blue taking the lead.  The clean palette somehow in sync with the clean slate that comes with the start of the new year.  The cold, quiet days allow more time for reflection, snuggling, and baking.

Let's not forget playing.  Playing outside in the cold is not much fun...without snow, that is.  With snow, it's tremendous fun!  I expect to do some sledding tomorrow, and more skiing on Sunday.  Wheee!

They're calling for rain on Monday.  Bleh.  Before it comes, I'm going to appreciate the heck out of this pretty white weekend.


  1. How beautiful. We have had no snow here in London, and after last winter, when we had a great deal(for us) I find myself missing it.

  2. Oh the snow is so beautiful. I forgot living in San Diego the last two winters how much I really like the winter. But the snow on the mountains in Salt Lake City was gorgeous. I hope you're enjoy the lovely scene!


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