January 17, 2012

Weekend Recap

Hi!  I'm back from a long weekend, and I actually got some decent sleep and feel somewhat refreshed.  Woo!  A few highlights:

*We received a big package on Saturday.  It was promptly colored and turned into a train.  We got another big box, the two were put together, windows were cut, and a house was built.  The boys covered it with blankets, took flashlights inside, and played.  The magic of a big cardboard box never ceases to amaze me.
*We watched "Moneyball".  I really enjoyed it, and I thought Brad Pitt was great.  I love baseball and find the sport really fascinating, though.  I'm not sure that the movie would capture the interest of someone who doesn't love the game.
*Skiing!  My big boy and I spent Sunday on the slopes.  It really clicked for him, and he wanted to go down by himself over and over and over again.  I had to drag him away, which is awesome.  I'm thrilled that he's having fun with it. 
*After skiing, we played board games in front of the fire, and then we watched a movie.  A very nice way to spend an evening.

My goals for this week:
1.  Exercise.  I want to get two yoga sessions and two sculpting/cardio sessions in.  Can I do it? 
2.  Guitar.  So far I've kept my resolution to pick up the guitar every day.  As a result, my little one walked around yesterday afternoon using a broom as a guitar and singing.  It's good stuff.  I'm going to keep it going.
3.  Plan a girl's getaway weekend with a good friend of mine. 
4.  Start researching flights for our next family trip.
5.  Buy new jeans.  I have two pairs and both of them developed holes in the knees over the weekend. 

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  1. I loved creating houses and forts and such out of cardboard boxes as a kid. Good stuff.

    Also enjoyed Moneyball. Although I personally definitely would have taken the other direction at the end :)


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