January 5, 2012

A Little Art...

My husband and I typically don't exchange Christmas presents, but for some reason we felt compelled to this year.  Perhaps because we both knew something that the other wanted.  I knew he wanted an iPad, and I was happy to oblige.  It'll be great for the family to have.  But I also wanted to get him something he wouldn't be expecting.

Paul Ferney is an artist currently based in Paris, although his home is San Francisco.  You may know him as the husband of Jordan Ferney (Oh Happy Day) or the brother-in-law of Gabrielle Blair (Design Mom).  I like his style, and I was intrigued when I saw that he was starting to do commission paintings.  I originally thought that a painting would be a nice anniversary present - we'll be celebrating 10 years in September - but Paul plans the commission project around the holidays.  And no way could I hold on to it for nine months!  So Kevin got an extra present under the tree, and really it's a present for me too.

It was so hard to choose a picture, but I love this one of the boys.  I love the water, I love both of them walking forward together, and I love that it reminds me of a happy trip to Maine.  It now sits on our mantle, at least until we decide to move it elsewhere.

Isn't it sweet?  Looking at it makes me smile.


  1. oh I am SO stealing this idea! This is so so so so cool!

  2. Beautiful post, beautiful painting. I especially like the idea that this painting captures the two of them walking forward together... it really captures a moment, a sentiment. Beautiful idea, hats off for coming up with such a unique idea! I just stumbled upon your blog by chance and I absolutely love it. It's filled with passion and positivity, really very inspiring. I'm your newest follower and I hope to read lots more. Keep it up and all the very best for 2012! You can find me at


    Best wishes


  3. How beautiful, I think it's a delightful idea, something for your husband (and you) to truly treasure and enjoy. Happy New Year.

  4. Hi Mary - this picture is so beautiful - I have this absolute love of images where the subjects are walking away! There is a real intimacy about it - as parents of these lovely boys I am not surprised you and your husband love it. By the way - your post is up on my blog today! Yey, I am so delighted with it. Lou x


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