January 18, 2012

Kitchen Inspiration and House Update

Good news!  We met with our new contractor yesterday, and we are getting started with the big Renovation 2012.  The first couple months are filled with the boring steps of contracts, schedules, permits, and historical district approvals; but that's okay - I'm just so excited to start!

I continue to save pretty pictures of kitchens, like the one above, for inspiration.  I'm also trying to shift gears a little by focusing on the decisions we need to make for our own house.  We're remodeling an existing space, and we have a budget, so of course it comes with some limitations.  That said, I want it to be a happy and comfortable space that reflects our own style. 

Once we reach the demolition phase (I might have to take the day off so I can take a sledgehammer to my current kitchen walls), I'll be sure to post some of the work-in-progress and decisions we make along the way.  Can't wait!

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  1. love to see a reno taking place! keep us posted!


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