January 18, 2012

Morning Snow, Broom Guitars, and Kindergarten

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This week's Three Beautiful Things:

1. I woke up yesterday and saw a beautiful winter wonderland out my window.  Just an inch or two of snow covering everything.  Not enough to require a shovel, but enough to make everything look magical and peaceful.  It didn't last long, though...it turned to rain and washed away by the end of the day.  Tease.

2.  My little one really wants a guitar.  If only he hadn't smashed the one we got for his older brother a year ago.  Maybe he'll be a rock star, and he was just practicing his guitar smashing for the future.  In the absence of his own guitar, he's been using all sorts of stand-ins around the house.  Most recently, the broom.  "Playing" and singing 'Old MacDonald' at the top of his lungs.  I love watching this, because it means my guitar playing is having an influence.  Maybe he really will want to play guitar.  His birthday is in July...but if we get him his own, I wonder if he'll smash that one too.  I guess we'll find out.

3.  I filled out Kindergarten registration forms this week.  I got a little misty, but I'm mostly so excited to start the next phase with my kids.


  1. The snow did the same thing today in Portland. It look beautiful for a minute and then turned to a giant slushie. Tease indeed.

    Hooray for happy lists.

  2. So while it's not the real thing, we have a silly plastic barbie guitar (I'm sure they come in other forms too) (and it was from dave's mom) that fiona totally jams out on. You saw the video right? It teaches her proper ways to hold and where to put her hands and she gets satisfaction and is so cute. Maybe that could be a first step for the rascal.


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