June 14, 2016

Masterpiece Wall...2016 Edition

Check out our latest masterpiece wall!  We had this year's portfolio days at school last week, which meant that it was time to make some selections to include in our display. I love discussing and planning with the boys. They are so proud of their work, and we all love showing some of it off for everyone to see. 

This is what it looked like our first year, following the kitchen renovation. (It's hard to believe that was four years ago!)  And here is what we've had on display since last June. I keep all the older pictures in the frames, so it's very fun to put the new pictures in and look at them. 

I love this year's selections. We had to cover up the Sunflowers, but we still have Van Gogh represented with Starry Night.  I love the gorgeous blue flower in the middle, and the eclectic and interesting patterns, and those beautiful orange leaves. Mostly, I love that my boys are learning to appreciate art and that they make beautiful pieces to showcase at home.

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