June 7, 2016

A Baseball Weekend...

Nice that Boston was in first place for these shots, too. :-)

It's been a busy spring. Fun, but busy. This past weekend, the boys had soccer and baseball games as usual. After the baseball game, we invited both boys' baseball teams over to our house for a cookout. Our house is a convenient location, since the field is literally right in our back yard! Kevin and I had talked about doing something like that for years, and it was fun to get to the point of being able to do it. There were tons of kids - almost all boys - running through the house and around the yard. Football games and soccer and tag and... I kept the food coming, filling up the grill with burgers and dogs and slicing up watermelon. Once we were down to a handful of families, I got to take a breath and enjoy myself a bit more, relaxing and talking with friends, and watching the next little league game over the wall.  It was a good time, and it helped that it was a perfect June day - warm and sunny.

On Sunday, we headed to Fenway. Kevin bid on a set of Red Sox tickets at a charity auction, and it included a tour of the park and an opportunity to go onto the field before the game. So cool! The game was really fun, too. It was the first time that both boys were totally into the game the entire time, and we stayed until the very last out. It was great!

On our way home, we noted that the entire week was very full of baseball. Since it was a cool and rainy evening, we decided to cap it all off with a viewing of "Field of Dreams".  As I've said many, many times now:  it's a good thing I love baseball.  

Peeking inside the scoreboard. 

The view is nice from left field.

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