January 25, 2012

Grapefruit, Calluses, and Beauty

photo credit:  Alicia Bock

It's going to be pretty quiet on the blog this week, but I did want to take a few minutes to document a few beautiful things.  I'll be back soon.

1.  I had forgotten how much I like grapefruit.  I picked up a few and have been having a half of a ruby red grapefruit each morning for breakfast.  Such a sweet and juicy way to start the day.

2.  I've kept my resolution so far, and the tips of my fingers on my left hand are hard and callused as a result.  I actually like carrying that reminder around with me every day.  

3.  My five-year-old commented about one of his friends.  "She's beautiful", he said.  It is the first time I've heard him apply this word to someone, so I asked him why he thinks she's beautiful.  (Which she is - she's an adorable little girl who has already claimed that she's going to marry my son.)  He responded:  "She's silly and she makes me laugh."  Isn't that the best answer ever?  


  1. oh, that is incredibly sweet. yes the 'best answer.' :)

  2. I love the fact that children really can see truth. And well done with your guitar, I am very impressed.


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