July 6, 2011

Storytime, Salads, and Flowers

- Susan Sontag quote via anothersomething.org

1.  My big boy and I finished Charlotte's Web.  It was fun, and we both loved the book; but I honestly thought he'd want to wait a bit before jumping into another chapter book.  He got frustrated at times by the lack of pictures.  I was wrong.  We started James and the Giant Peach this week.  He loves the occasional picture, but I can see him forming his own images in his head too.  He giggles at the thought of a group of giant insects that can talk.  I am loving storytime right now.

2. My dad's macaroni salad.  Tastes like summer to me.  I made a big batch over the weekend and have been enjoying it for lunch.  A trio of salads - macaroni, fruit, and garden.  Perfect.

3.  This happy bouquet of flowers on my dining room table.  I splurged on a bunch at the farmer's market this week.  Next week, I should be able to make my own from the garden, which is starting to explode with color now.  


  1. Macaroni salad sounds so good! My mom used to always make potato salad on the 4th of July. It will forever be a nostalgic dish to me.

  2. the flowers are lovely!


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