July 13, 2011

Compliments, Burritos, and Quiet

This week's Three Beautiful Things:

1.  My little boy spilled some of his smoothie on my dress.  "Oh no!", said my big boy, "Will the people at work still think you're pretty? ...  Because I do."  Who cares if about a little spilled smoothie when I receive compliments like this?

2.  Made-to-order burritos at the office cafeteria.  Monterey jack, rice, beans, corn, onions...  If I have to eat lunch at my desk while on a conference call, it's nice when I get to eat something yummy. 

3.  After the boys went to sleep, I gave myself ten minutes to sit and be still.  I didn't jump on the computer or start doing dishes or packing lunches or...at least not right away.  I sat on the living room floor (oddly more comfortable than the couch), and forced myself to do nothing.  It took several minutes to stop thinking of all the things I had to do when my time was up, but then I did.  I was able to shut off my thoughts and enjoy a few minutes of blissful peace.  I highly recommend it.


  1. I always relax for a minute after the little one goes to bed (on my living room floor, too!) before I turn on the computer & start homework. It's nice to take a minute to unwind.

  2. Anonymous13.7.11

    about to get started on my work day...but before i do...i'm going to take 10 minutes....thanks! xo skf

  3. Hello! Love the comment from your boy; aren't little boys just so gorgeous? My son says similarly cute things and it just melts my heart. On the sitting sitting stil, I am so with you. I have read a book about mindfulness and it's all about sitting still! Finally, you said on my blog that you liked my pictures more than the magazine ones, so sweet of you. So I am posting some more tomorrow or Friday... Lou x

  4. that compliment from your big boy!! that's the kind of moments you'll remember forever.


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