July 5, 2011

Weekend Recap - 4th of July

I am loving all these long weekends!  This one was full of more fun summer activities. 

Highlights from the weekend:
1. We had good friends come to visit, along with their little ones, who are similar ages as ours.  My big boy was so excited to have a sleepover.
2. The kids had a blast running and jumping into the kiddie pool. 
3. Sangria Saturday.  Again.  :-)
4. My little boy is 2!  He loved his cupcakes and balloons and a few new things.  May he be the exception to the "terrible twos". 
5. We took an impromptu trip into the city to ride the swan boats in the Public Garden and go out to lunch. 
6.  Our town held a great 4th of July parade.  Loud firetrucks, silly clowns, and a frozen treat.  The boys loved it. 

Goals for the week:

1.  Exercise.  Gotta get back into a groove. 
2.  Get caught up.
3.  Plan fun weekends.  June and August are busy, but the rest of July seems to be wide open.  I need to fill the month with fun.  Starting with this coming weekend, when I will be on my own with the kids.
4.  Start making lists and final preparations for Italy.  It's only a month away! 
5.  Spend some quality time with my camera. 

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  1. Anonymous5.7.11

    beautiful! good luck with the exercise - it gives energy so finding your groove is so worth it (can you tell i am still high from my run yesterday!?).can't believe he is TWO! and...ITALY! you guys are too cool. while the rest of mass heads to the cape...you guys jet to italy. love it! skf


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