July 18, 2011

Weekend Recap

I love Summer.  Have I mentioned that before?  My big boy recently told me that he couldn't wait for Winter.  While I hid my shock, I asked why.  He said he loved climbing on snow mountains.  Well, that is a pretty fun thing to do, but I think I'm going to continue to cherish every warm and sunny day we have until the snow begins to fall again.

This weekend was full of wonderful Summer things.  The boys ate their weight in raspberries.  The berries are plentiful, the tomatoes are sweet, and the earliest peaches and apples and corn and plums have arrived.  We then decided to go on a walk through a nearby wildlife sanctuary.  An inspired idea.  The sun was hot, but it was lovely to walk in the shade of the trees.  The boys had fun searching for frogs in the ponds, and although they didn't find any, we did see plenty of turtles and ducks and bugs. 

On Sunday, we spent the morning at Walden Pond.  The big boy had a blast swimming, and the little boy had a blast digging and splashing.  I had a blast doing these things with them.  It was a fabulous place to spend a glorious Summer morning.  It was just getting hot and crowded by the time we left, and with a stop at the ice cream truck on our way out, we made it home in time for naptime.  Perfect. 

I hope your weekends were wonderful as well.  No specific goals this week.  I'm going on my first business trip in a couple years - I think I've forgotten how to do it.  To think that I used to get on a plane every week!  Bleh.  This is a short one, though, and to a fun place I'm happy to visit.  I'm also going to fit in a dinner with some family who happen to live in the area.  So my goals are to have a safe, productive and happy trip. 

Have a great week!

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  1. Walden Pond?!?! Oh gosh. I love that place more than you know. I've only been once and it was when the lake was iced over, but it is my dream to return one day!! Sounds (and looks!) like so much fun!


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