July 1, 2011

Random Thoughts...

Sometimes it's nice to dump out the contents of my head in a blog post...

- My little boy is 2 today.  My baby!  I had no party plans, but I guess he was destined for one anyway.  We're having friends come visit for the weekend, along with their little ones, and my mother-in-law and sister-in-law may make an appearance as well.  I am thinking berry cupcakes, a new tunnel for the train set, and a couple new matchbox cars.

- Washing sheets and making beds is such a pain, but it is so nice to climb into a clean bed at the end of the day.

- The new Harry Potter movie comes out soon.  I don't need to be first in line or anything, but I will admit I'm looking forward to seeing it.  It's the end of an era.  I definitely need to line up a babysitter.  I also want to see 'Bridesmaids', and 'Super 8', and I've heard great things about 'Tree of Life' (even though I wasn't so sure based solely on the trailer).  What movies have you seen and loved recently? 

- This performance by Gillian Welch on Conan made me happy.  I am loving her long-awaited new album.

- The lavender in our garden is in full bloom.  It is so fragrant and attracts butterflies, dragonflies and bees in great numbers.  I love it.  

- As I mentioned, I have friends coming to visit.  Since we just got back from a trip, I haven't had much time to prepare.  Trying to figure out meals.  So far all I've decided on is a couple double batches of sangria for Sangria Saturday.  I figure I'll get a bunch of stuff to put on the grill.  Sangria, cupcakes, fresh veggies, good friends....what else do we need?  


  1. Mmm, lavender! I've been cooking up a storm since we got back from our cruise. I was surprised how much I missed making my own meals. Happy birthday to the little one!

  2. beautiful images, Mary! Happy 4th

  3. "like" to all of this!


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