July 8, 2011

A Few Things...

As you may or may not have noticed, I haven't been posting as regularly.  It's summertime, and I'm inclined to be outside as much as possible these days.  But I still do feel the urge to write, and inspiration is everywhere in these gorgeous hot summer days.  These things could all be individual posts of their own, but I thought I'd throw them all out together.  Enjoy and have a happy weekend!

Just a few things I'm loving today...

photo via gimme some oven

Popsicles.  I just made a batch of blueberry-yogurt popsicles for the weekend, but this fabulous post has me inspired to try some new flavors.  These creamy lemon popsicles are next on the list.  Peaches and cream sounds great too.  I don't know if I'd ever do it, but the adult versions sound awesome too - watermelon mojito?  Yes please.  

Street music.   Music always makes my list.  Loving The Low Anthem, and this fun video of a cool song.  

source unknown via from flabby to fit

Exercise.  I'm back in my groove.  I had a good week of fitting in some exercise each day.  Actually, I'm sweaty right now as I type.  It feels good.  

image from Stan Moeller

Stan Moeller.  Spotted via Pretty Stuff by Patterson Maker.  His paintings are stunning, especially the ones with water.  It's amazing how he's able to capture the light and movement of the water.  Awesome.
Kid's Artwork.  I throw tons away, and I still have tons.  It's getting better too.  I love this creative idea for displaying some of your kid's artwork. 

Sprinklers.  Hot summer days.  All you need is some cool water for instant fun.  My big boy can squeal and run through the water for hours. 
Friends.  Another one that always makes the list.  This of course includes local friends and those that are far away.  Friends that I've known my whole life and those I met last week.  Family members who happen to be friends as well.  And friends like some of you who I've never even met!  Keep Fresh.  Stay Rad.  A good reminder for us all as we enter our weekend.  


  1. sounds like one amazing summer to me. i was so proud of myself last week because I was doing yoga everyday... and this week i've been a sickly gal. so can't wait to get better and get that groove going too.


  2. Such a great popsicle round-up, right??

    We just finished them off this yesterday... time to make more!

  3. OK, so I just made blueberry yogurt popsicles and they just taste like cardboard and greek yogurt. Fiona ate it up but I would rather eat toenails. What gives??


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