March 19, 2009

Reason #8 Why I Love Boston: Seasons

Boston is one of those places that actually gets four full seasons every year. I grew up in North Carolina, where Winter lasts two weeks, there is no Fall, and Summer lasts 8 months. And I don't know how you define the "season" when it's actually too hot to go outside. I'll admit that Spring is gorgeous down there, but I'll take all four.

Winter - Snow. Yes, alright, I know I do sometimes complain about the snow. It can be difficult when you have (or want) to be somewhere, and I've also learned this year that having a toddler makes winters more challenging than they used to be. But I do actually love snow. I love a good snowstorm when you can stay cozy warm inside by a fireplace, watching movies and drinking hot chocolate. I love sledding, making snowmen, skiing, ice skating... I adore the white frosting on the trees - it's so beautiful. And holidays are not the same without snow. Having wet or warm weather during the holidays just seems wrong.

Spring - Flowers. Okay, I'll admit it - I hate Spring in New England. It's cold and rainy and seems to last forever. Whew - now that I got that off my chest, I'll go back to focusing on the positives. I'm sure southerners do not quite appreciate those first daffodils in the same way that I do.

*This picture is from last year - I'm anxiously awaiting this year's arrivals. They are poking out a couple inches so far.

Summer - Sun. Summer in Boston is magical. Warm and sunny but not hot and muggy. I love seeing tourists crawling all over downtown. Lots of restaurants with outdoor seating. Little leaguers every day in my back yard. Fresh peaches and tomatoes and blueberries and corn.

Fall - Leaves. There is so much to love about Fall in New England that it's hard to summarize. Apple-picking, pumpkin festivals, crisp air and clear blue skies, the end of baseball and the beginning of football, perfect temperatures, starry nights.... It's hard to have a bad day in the Fall.

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  1. I WISH winter was 2 weeks down here this year. It is a little annoying how flowers bloom in January, then it gets cold again, then they try to bloom again, then it gets cold again...then they are confused and then the pollen hits. At least you get a more dramatic boom! It's spring and flowers are blooming at an appropriate time up there :)


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