March 13, 2009

Five Senses Friday

- A robin in the tree outside my kitchen window. Ah, Spring, you really are just around the corner, aren't you?
- My Tar Heels escape with a narrow victory against Virginia Tech in the ACC tourney. Whew!

- A said, "Can I have more dinner please?" When you have a skinny toddler, that is music to the ears. (This Creamy Fettuccine with Peas and Ham, plus some sliced tomato, is the super simple meal that he devoured.)
- The peaceful silence that fills the house after A goes to sleep. With K out of town, I didn't even put on music or watch very much TV - I enjoyed the silence.

- A's hand on my belly, feeling the baby kick for the first time. His amazed expression was priceless. Before he could feel him, he'd put his hand on the belly and say, "Come on, little baby, where are you?"

- I used up the last of my spa gift card on a facial, which was heavenly, and I then splurged on some facial cream. The smell alone is worth every penny.

- I've been craving grapefruit juice lately - OJ is too sweet. A tells me it's too sour, but I love it.
- Two mugs of Breyer's Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream. Yum. (When you eat ice cream at home, do you use a mug or a bowl? I'm a mug person. A bowl just doesn't feel right - I like packing it in.)
- Sushi day at the office cafeteria. Avocado, cream cheese, cucumber roll and a seaweed salad. Lots of wasabi. Perfection.

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