March 9, 2009


A few of my loyal readers - okay, I know there are only a handful of you anyway, but I still love you all - have pointed out that I am neglecting my blog and that they miss me. That's nice to hear, and I appreciate it. To be honest, I just haven't been very inspired lately. I'm trying, though.

So let's start the week with just a few stories from the biggest source of joy and inspiration in my life - my little boy.

1. One night last week, he was getting cranky, because he wanted a snack, but it was almost dinnertime, so I was saying no. I said, "But Aaron, it's almost time for dinner, and we're going to have pierogies and kielbasa..." I didn't get anything else out before he leapt up with a big smile on his face and said "HOORAY KIELBASA!" He happily helped me prepare dinner as he continued to say "mmmmm...pierogies and kielbasa". His polish family would be proud.
*Image/Product from I might just have to get this. With a matching one for Kevin.

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2. Aaron has watched many sports games with me, and it is starting to rub off. I love this. Yesterday, as we watched the UNC/Duke basketball game, he spontaneously threw his arm in the air and cheered, "Go Tar Heels!" It makes a mother proud. I am confident that I'll have him firmly cemented as a part of Red Sox nation this summer as well.

3. Me: "Come on, honey, time to go upstairs for bathtime." Aaron: "But I can't, Mommy. I'm sleeping with Daddy."

There are tons of other funny things he does, and I really want to capture more of them. He is growing such a fun personality as he grows more and more into a "big boy". How the time does fly...

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