May 15, 2008

Thanks, Mom!

Unfortunately, my family doesn't live near me. I am so jealous of people who have family members that live in the same city - heck, I'd settle for driving distance! My mom lives a thousand miles away from us, so visits require some planning. Since the little boy was born, she has been coming to visit every few months to spend quality time with her grandson and to help me maintain a less filthy house. The boy gets a week off of day care and gets to have fun with Grandma ("gama" or "mooma" or "nama" - he's working on this, but he absolutely knows her). And I get help around the house.

She was here last week, and the boy got to go to a nearby farm several times. He loves looking at the cows, sheep, chickens... He's now saying "moo" and "baa" and "neigh". And I got the cleanest set of kitchen appliances! When's the last time you cleaned out the inside of your microwave? This is the kind of stuff she does for me. Microwave, toaster oven, stove, refrigerator. She cleaned the shutters in my bedroom. She mends (I don't). She is also an avid gardener - another skill I very unfortunately didn't inherit - so she helps around the yard as well. I'll share those pictures soon.

So although I don't have family nearby, I realize that I am very fortunate. Thanks, Mom!

*The picture above shows the little boy staring at the chickens

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