May 13, 2008

Hey, You Guys!

Do you remember 'The Electric Company'? I wasn't allowed to watch very much TV when I was a kid, but I do remember being very excited when I got to see The Electric Company. If you are not in Generation X, then perhaps you aren't familiar with it. It was a PBS show in the 70s, made by the same people that make Sesame Street. But it was targeted for slightly older kids (elementary school-aged), so it was cool. Morgan Freeman and Bill Cosby and 321-Contact and SPIDERMAN (My absolute favorite part of the show). Oh my gosh, just looking at the logo brings it all back - the browns and oranges and lime greens of the 70s.

What brought this up, you ask? Well, check this out! It's coming back!

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  1. i am with you - loved that show. was the bloodhound gang part of electric company or 3-2-1 contact...or is it all the same show? either way - loved it all. loving your blog.


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