May 28, 2008

Concerts, Grilling, and Lilies of the Valley

Three beautiful things for each day of the long weekend. Here are three beautiful things from Saturday:

1. We went downtown for a free concert on Boston's esplanade. Full of people celebrating "Earthfest". Tons of vendors and sponsors giving away free stuff - everything from shopping bags to yogurt to flower seeds. I wondered why I bothered to pack a picnic lunch. We ended up going home with more than we went with. The little boy chased after every dog ("goggie") he saw. We danced in front of the family stage. And then the boy collapsed in the car on the way home. A fun morning.

2. Knowing the long weekend was going to be warm and full of sun, K and I planned what to put on the grill each evening. Tonight is barbecue chicken.

3. The lilacs have reached their peak, but they passed the baton to the lilies of the valley, which now perfume the yard.

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