July 1, 2016

Recently Read...

Presence, by Amy Cuddy.  I read this as a part of our company book club. The author also did a TED Talk, but I enjoyed the book better than the talk. It's a fascinating book, although it does go on a bit too long. It could've been half the length and been just as effective. What is especially interesting are the studies that indicate how our body language influences our own confidence. I have found myself sitting up straighter and using more expansive positions, especially before presentations.

Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk, by Ben Fountain.  This is a pretty powerful book. Typically, when books are centered around a very short timeframe, I get bored with the minutiae and crave more action. This book is essentially focused on a single day, but it is peppered with flashbacks and enough drama and interesting dialogue that I never found myself skipping through or getting antsy. It's engaging and thought-provoking.

Murder on the Orient Express, by Agatha Christie.  My mom has read all the Agatha Christie books, and she's especially fond of Hercule Poirot, watching the PBS series as well. I know my dad was a fan, too, and he owned all the books. So I realized at some point that it seemed odd that I had never read a single one! I figured that needed to change. I went to the library and saw what they had available, and I figured I'd start with a famous one. I am proud to say that I've now read an Agatha Christie mystery - and it was tremendously fun! I can see why they are so addicting.

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