June 23, 2015

What a Weekend...

Nathan had been looking forward to his birthday party for months. Months of planning and anticipating. Thankfully, the big day did not disappoint. We settled on the Star Wars theme, rented a bounce house, made light sabres out of pool noodles, decided on an R2-D2 craft, and chose the flavors of ice cream in the ice cream cake. Aside from a little cake drama in the morning (they told me they didn't have it, leading us to scramble and stress as we tried to figure out an alternative before they called to tell me they found it in the back of the freezer...gah!), everything went great. The weather was clear, and the boys had a blast. 

All the boys wanted to check out the softball game taking place in the field behind our house.

Adorable R2-D2s

And because we had the bounce house all day, we decided to take full advantage of it. We invited some friends over with their kids to enjoy an "after-party". We had dinner together, and the kids played on the bounce house and tried out Nathan's birthday presents. It was one of those days when life seems too good, too happy, and I almost feel a little guilty for it. We'll keep trying to have as many of those days as possible.

Playing with Nathan's wubble bubble ball


  1. bouncy house rented. amazing. he will never forget. w just got a wubble bubble too! we haven't inflated it yet, but it looks so fun! HBD! xoxo

  2. Nathan's party is wonderful! All the kids seem to have had a great time playing, specially inside the bounce house. Moments like this one are truly unforgettable and I know that it feels so rewarding for you to see your son happy. I'm sure there'll be more happy days like this that will come your way. Thank you so much for sharing, Mary!

    Kathrin Trujillo @ Slides A Lot


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